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Is Your Data a Burden or a Competitive Advantage?

The KARKI team has a unique combination of Certified IBM Cognos Developers, Certified Public Accountants, and GovCon industry veterans with decades of experience in information technology, data migration, and data activation. 

Every company has data that needs to be managed. We believe that companies should view their data as a source of business intelligence, rather than as a burden for their team.


By partnering with KARKI Consulting, our team of SMEs will help you shift from manually building reports to activating your data, which drives strategy, speed, and talent activation. 

Most organizations have employees that spend too much time manually creating reports. This data is then entered into numerous systems, spreadsheets, and email chains.  With a manual process, the room for error is far too great to make risk-averse decisions that drive the business forward. However, most executives rely on data that is created without a reliable process. 

KARKI's team is comprised of Certified IBM Cognos Developers, CPAs, and GovCon industry veterans who have helped hundreds of companies through data migrations, corporate mergers, and acquisitions. We help executives bridge the gap between guessing and knowing by automating their data flow, eliminating manual processes, and reducing the risk of human error.  


The fastest strategy in business is trust. The second fastest is automation to reduce human error. We partner with our clients to streamline all manual data management and report building processes within the accounting department. An organization's ability to reduce human error and build duplicatable systems for recurring report building is what drives speed from the daily accounting and finance operations of the business to the C-Suite.  



Companies are losing revenue by hiring highly-skilled, highly qualified professionals for their finance and accounting departments and then paying them, providing them benefits, and then asking them to spend their time manually running reports, managing spreadsheets, and entering data. With labor costs rising year over year, isn't it time to think about how you can drive a better ROI with their highly skilled staff?



We are certified IBM professionals with expertise in Cognos Business Intelligence and Costpoint Enterprise Reporting (CER). We help our customers build reports to surface their data to make it easier to use and more accessible. We make companies create: 

  • Trend Project Status Reports (PSRs)

  • Trend Statement of Indirects Expenses (SIE) 

  • Trend Income Statement


We are experts in building state of the art reports and dashboards with capabilities to drilldown to details interactively. 

  • Develop interactive and insightful dashboards and Active Report 

  • Multi-layered access control management architecture

  • Custom packgaing and data modelin

  • Institute event based workflow automatio

  • Offsite and Onsite Training


We augment technical knowledge with strong business architecture to provide in-depth analytics that provides operational details and insights to make fact-based decisions

  • Data consolidation and governance

  • Data modeling, normalization, and curation

  • Selecting analytics tools for business needs

  • Integrate with business process automation and workflow management applications

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